Lifeskills and ASDAN

Chaos Support is an accredited deliverer of the ASDAN Lifeskills programme, which provides certified courses that can be delivered at a level appropriate to every person we work with, whatever their level of ability. Using this programme, Chaos can offer a clear pathway of development around the individual’s targets. These newly-learned skills are put to practical use with the many projects that Chaos runs to support our centre and the local community.

These projects are designed to increase self-esteem and self-worth and offer a real sense of accomplishment to participants. Chaos works hard to instil the belief in the people we work with that they have the capabilities to achieve their goals and to enable and support them to do so.

 Performing Arts

Chaos has also developed a performing arts programme, which teaches dance, music, media and drama. In our performance sessions, groups and individuals will be working on performances that will be taken to festivals, schools, colleges and the local community. Our aim is to use the performing arts to spread the positive message that Chaos personifies - that anyone and everyone can be supported to make a positive contribution to their community.

In April this year, the young people of our Havant day service took to the stage with a talent show in aid of Creating Chaos. Around 245 people, including friends, parents and carers and family came to see the young people perform and helped to raise just over £1200 for our charity. Visitors to our annual summer fair were also treated to musical and dance performances from the performing arts group, which helped to keep everyone thoroughly entertained throughout the day.