Before someone accesses any Chaos service for the first time, we think it’s helpful for them and their families to come and have a tour of the building and an opportunity to sit and chat with the service manager to get an idea of, not only the layout of the building, but the atmosphere and feel of it too, and to meet some of the people who use our service. Before we start supporting anyone, it’s important that we complete an assessment. This is a chance for us to get to know the people who use our service and to determine which things they need support with, which things they enjoy doing, any health issues or allergies they may have and any medication they might take. This allows us to provide the best possible care and support for everyone who accesses our services.

It is our Assessment Co-ordinator’s goal to make sure all our assessments are as thorough as they need to be so we get all the information needed to support each person who accesses our services in the best way possible. Once the assessment is complete, it is written up into a care plan. Care plans aren’t set in stone and we update them whenever necessary to ensure our support team have all the most current and accurate information about each person they support. Once the care plans have been completed, they’re agreed by the individuals themselves or their parents or carers and then passed along to our support team.

Before a new service user begins accessing any Chaos service, our staff will thoroughly read their care plans and get to know all about their likes and dislikes, any support needs they have and how best they can support them.