The CHAOS Achievements Ball 2018

The second CHAOS Achievement Ball took place in July of 2018, and was a fantastic event to celebrate all the many achievements of everyone who attends our day services. It was a wonderful opportunity to see people from both our Havant and Cosham sites getting together to take pride in how much they’ve accomplished in the past year.

We’re already looking forward to the next one!

The Chaos Meal at Emsworth Community Centre

Yesterday, the Fitness Thursday group took over the kitchen at the Emsworth Community Centre in order to cook up a delicious two course meal for the rest of the young people. They were treated to honey and lemon chicken roast or a vegetable curry, with a fruit salad for dessert - not forgetting plenty of homemade milkshakes. Everyone enjoyed getting the opportunity to sit and eat lunch together, and it was also a great chance to celebrate Eliza's birthday! We couldn't be prouder of all the Fitness Thursday Group's hard work in putting together the meal!

Meals on Wheels

Yesterday, the Meals on Wheels group, planned, prepared and delivered a lunch and desert to a lady who lived on her own (of course they had to sample it first). They all worked very hard to achieve this and we couldn't be more proud! 


Chaos's Got Talent

What an amazing show the young people put on at the beginning of the month! We’re completely blown away by how well everyone did and we’d like to thank each and every one of you who came along to the show or lent your time and energy to helping us with props, costumes or raffle prizes. Also, a massive thank you to all the fantastic Chaos staff who volunteered to help out on the night, to Summer for organising it all and especially to the young people for all their hard work and talent.