Having a Clear-Out?


After the immensely successful upcycling stall at C Fest, the Boring to Beautiful upcycling team have been on the hunt for materials to get some more projects rolling. If you have any of the following items (or anything else that could potentially be given a new lease of life!) lying around, please bring them in to us so that the young people can take them from Boring to Beautiful!

We’re currently on the lookout for candles, glass bottles, glass jars, mason jars and lids, crayons, photo frames, canvas, material scraps, CDs, Lego, nail varnish, plain white mugs, wood planks, tyres, lamps, buttons, small nails, thread, paint, spray cans, skateboards, string, pegs and anything else you think might be useful.

Thank you in advance!

Boot Sales

The Random Acts of Chaos group are also on the look-out for donations of anything that could be sold at a car boot sale. We’ll be going to several boot sales in order to help raise funds for two great causes; our Special Services Project (providing meals for those working within the emergency services - ambulance, fire service etc.) and Voluntary Services Overseas (an organisation that supports young volunteers to go to developing countries and perform community-based projects in health, education and livelihood).

If anyone is looking to have a clear-out and is able to donate anything to our boot sales, we’d be really grateful!

Also, if any of our service users would like to come and help out at the boot sales, please send an email to events@chaossupport.co.uk and we’ll send over the dates and times.